Yesterday, I paid an insurance bill. Not just any insurance bill, but the insurance bill for Spark of Hope. It was the final step in a process that began months – actually more like years ago. With a click of the mouse button over the ‘send payment’ button, the deed was done. All the praying, seeking, planning, prepping, researching, writing and sorting had come to this. The last piece of the puzzle was in place. We were now an incorporated association, insured and “open for business”.

And with that final piece came a sense of satisfaction – a sense of having fought and overcome the doubts and fears, the questions, the confusion. A realisation that this journey of taking a dream and working to see it become a reality had happened. Don’t get me wrong – there is still much3034149743_todayisyourday_xlarge to do – and in reality, the work, the real work, is about to begin. But for a moment – for a brief moment – I find myself caught between the “yesterdays” with all its battle and victories and the “tomorrows” full of potential and the challenges, that without a doubt, will come. And for a moment I am pleased – content to rest and neither look backwards or forwards but to simply stop and enjoy the today…


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