Smokey (Code: SMO)


DoB: Unknown, approximately 2009

Breed: Shetland/Welsh pony cross

Cost per month: $120

Small in stature, big in attitude. Due to his small size, Smokey is fabulous with the nervous first time visitors to Spark of Hope, helping many of them to overcome their fears of being next to a “big horse”. He can also be fairly active in some of the roundyard activities we do and has been known to throw in a buck or three when asked to trot or canter. He’s a firm favourite with many of the girls who come, some of whom threaten to steal him and take him home with them! Like a lot of ponies in Australia, Smokey has a constant battle with his ahem weight and has to eat special “diet” hay.

Likes: Being brushed; going for a walk outside of his special “Jenny Craig” paddock

Dislikes: His ears being touched

Best friend: Sparky; Flynn; Charlie

Favourite food: Poor Smokey, due to an ongoing health issue, many of his favourite foods are banned for him! He likes sneaking a mouthful of green grass and the occasional small piece of carrot.

Fun fact: Smokey owns a special pair of boots that he wears when he goes for walks.

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