Corporate Leadership and Team Building

Do you want a stronger, healthy team? Are you looking for team building activities that are a little different from the “norm”? Do you want to get your workers out of the office and into the sun for a while? Do you want to see your team become more effective while at the same time support an organisation that is helping numbers of people every year?

Spark of Hope is now offering companies and organisations the opportunity to learn from the horse in our “Corporate Leadership and Team Building – Horses and the Art of Communication” programs.

Why Horses?

Horses provide excellent, unemotional, instant and honest feedback to our actions and body language. This can help highlight to us the many non-verbal signals we send to those around us.

Internal and external incongruence is exposed. Over time we can become so guarded with our responses, that we are often unaware of how we truly feel.

Team photoDue to the size of a horse we can be gently pushed out of comfort zone. This creates opportunities for us to overcome fear and develop new levels of self-confidence.

The nature of the activities that we can do in partnership with the horse, can help us better understand and value other perspectives, experiences and opinions. We also get to experience first-hand the impact of clear communication, purpose, trust and respect – all of which are vital for healthy teams and great leadership.

Our Programs

We offer a number of programs for small groups (up to 10). Programs can be tailored for your group and are anywhere from two and half hours to four hours long. We strongly encourage teams to spend time debriefing after each activity, as each activity builds on the previous one completed. No horse experience is needed – participants are taken through the necessary safety considerations before each activity.

We also offer weekly/fortnightly sessions for individuals and groups. These sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length.

Spark and Flynn

Programs are priced at $100 per person per hour. Discounts are available for groups of 6-10 and for not-for-profit organisations. The funds from our leadership program help to support the free programs that are offered to many members of our community.

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