Smokey II

10.3 hand grey Shetland x Welsh pony gelding, born 2009

For many people, the story of their lives is intricately woven with the stories of others – some human, some not human…

From a young age Anne had loved horses. Her life story – her childhood and youth –  was also a story of the horses and ponies who shared life’s adventures with her. One such companion was a grey pony owned by a family friend. Together Anne, and this little grey called Smokey, spent hours together. More than a horse and rider, they were a partnership – winning competition after competition, ribbon after ribbon…

As happens to all of us, the years passed and Anne took on the responsibilities of being a wife and mother. Time for horses was no longer there as other demands crowded her life. However, though they may have been put aside, the passion for horses that was a constant throughout her young life still remained.

Many years later, life threw a cruel curved ball – the doctor’s diagnosis confirmed worst held fears  – cancer – and what followed was a whirlwind of doctor and hospital appointments, treatments, blood tests and fears of what the future held. In the midst of this, Anne made a decision – it was time to buy another horse – a horse that would introduce others to all the things she loved and had experienced as young girl. For a few months we looked and searched for for this new pony until one evening we found a grey pony advertised for sale. On a Friday afternoon we inspected the little pony and made the decision that this was indeed, the one…

Anne was charged with the duty of naming the new boy – and with memories of her childhood friend swirling around, she named the new pony “Smokey” – in honour of the “best kids pony I ever knew.” And so Smokey II was gifted to Spark of Hope – a gift that Mum and Smokeyreminds us that regardless of how many years have passed or what uncertainty lies before us, that there is always now – there is always time to stop and enjoy what the present has to offer us; a gift that reminds us that neither age, nor the passing of years, should ever steal from us the simple joys of our youth; a gift that reminds us that regardless of what we face, there is always something we can do to help others…

As a postscript to this story, in August 2015, Anne stepped from this world and into eternity. For those of us who knew and loved her we are comforted that she is now in the care of God – cheering us on and maybe, just maybe, with a little grey pony standing beside her… photo


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