Our Values – H.O.P.E

Values, whether we can articulate them or not, are integral to all that we do. Values influence both what we do and how we do it. They can be things that we consciously pursue or conversely we can be unaware of them. Our values, when violated, can leave us feeling sad, confused, annoyed and in some cases, even angry. They are, as the name suggests, things that are important to us.

For any organisation, values will help shape the “public face” of the organisation. For Spark of Hope we have identified four values that we desire to see worked out in all that we do. These four values are:





Value Number 1: Honour

To honour means to “show great respect, esteem etc. or an outward sign of this.”[1] We honour people, events, places or special occasions by the way we speak and act. Sadly today, we live in a world that doesn’t always honour the things it should or mistakes idolizing with honour.

We live in a world today characterised by an “entitlement mentality” – an attitude that says it is my right or privilege to have a certain thing – this attitude sadly often shows no honour for those who have earned you that right or privilege in the first place! Honour is not always associated with position or title, but often is. To honour someone else, means we have to take our eyes of ourselves ad begin to see the effort that others have made. True honour looks beyond the obvious and sees what others may not always see.

Before we can honour others we need to honour ourselves. We need to recognise the unique talents that each of us have, the unique ways we have been shaped and formed and the unique ways we can help others. As we begin to honour ourselves, we can then begin to honour others.

True honour does not seek to out compete each other – it seeks to acknowledge the strength, capabilities and efforts of others and can, use those as encouragement to lift how we view of ourselves.

We honour individuals, volunteers, ourselves, sponsors, and God’s creation

Value Number 2: Overcome

We overcome adversity, our failures and fears. We do not use the failures of yesterday as an excuse for today and tomorrow. To overcome we will need to pick ourselves up, shake the disappointment off and keep pursuing that goal before us.

Value Number 3: Partnership

We were made for relationship with others. While we can achieve much on our own, we can achieve even more when we work together. We partner with creation, with our creator and with each other. As we partner with each other, our strengths are combined with the strengths of others – we learn from each other and can grow further.

Value Number 4: Excellence

  • Not perfection but the best for myself and others given my strength and capabilities today
  • Take each step well
  • Celebrate success (reward the effort)
  • Not focused on performance but on going forward
  • Its not the size of the goal and being the best, but participating and actively  engaging in actions that move towards a positive future.

[1] The Collins Concise Dictionary


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