About Us

Spark of Hope is an incorporated association based in Melbourne, Australia. It began as a result of a vision long held by Anna, to one day see horses helping people to better understand themselves and, in the process, people better appreciate the quiet beauty and majesty that horses possess.

Spark of Hope is a faith based organization. Its purposes are to: 

  • Provide a home for horses identified at being at risk due to poor husbandry or neglect or for horses no longer deemed suitable for their original purpose.IMG_0426
  • Provide an equine based learning program that assists the emotional, social, spiritual
    and mental health of young people and adults.
  • Provide an environment that offers respite for families and/or individuals in need of rest and restoration.
  • Increase the awareness within communities of the importance of animal welfare

Spark of Hope is located in Mt Egerton, Victoria.  For further information visit our Contact Us page and send us a message.



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