14.2 hand bay Standardbred gelding, born 21st October 2010

Every year in Australia, thousands of Standardbreds  – harness racing horses – are sent to knackers and slaughterhouses as part of the pet food industry. Quite simply, over supply means that those horses that are too slow to race or have finished their racing career, cannot be guaranteed a home or career in another equestrian pursuit. Faced with these numbers we could ask ourselves what difference does it make if we save one or two. The answer – is that for the one or two we save, it makes a big difference…

In March 2013, Anna became aware of a 14 hand bay Standardbred horse – deemed IMG_0369too slow, he was unnamed and unraced. Barry and Anna went and inspected him, and what they saw captured their hearts. Small, underweight, covered in bites, cuts and scratches, a coat dull and dry but with a kind, soft eye, they decided on the spot to buy him. A week later, the little bay, now called Flynn, joined Sparky. What quickly became obvious was what the little horse lacked in size, he made up for in  personality! Cheeky, outgoing, curious, adventurous – Flynn soon beca10480950_931927460159601_3212452129620148646_nme the paddock clown and a firm favourite of anyone who met him. Over time the little bay grew and filled out. He is now a handsome horse who is the first one to greet you at the paddock gate.

In a world that all too often values performance, Flynn reminds us that there are more important  things than how fast you can go or how high you can jump or how much money you can earn. The little bay horse serves as a testimony that true value is found in the positive impression you leave on others – and for anyone who meets Flynn, they invariably leave with a smile on their face.


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