Banjo (Code: BAN)

DoB: 21st August, 2016 

Breed: Brumby

Cost per month: $90

Banjo – the “baby” of the herd and a mischief maker on a grand scale. Very similar in temperament to Flynn, Banjo is very inquisitive and loves to play with almost anything. Though born in captivity, his family hail from the Long Plain area in Kosciusko National Park and he has definitely inherited the mountain pony skills of his family. Being a young horse, we are taking our time introducing the little man to his various jobs here at Spark of Hope, limiting his exposure to simple meet and greet times. In time, we anticipate he will be a more than able work buddy for Flynn.

Likes: playing in water; climbing things; playing bitey face with Sparky and nipping Copper on the rear end

Dislikes: Having to go to “school”

Best friend: Flynn; Sparky; Copper

Favourite food: Licorice

Fun fact: Banjo will often stand in the horses’ water trough, kicking the sides of it and splashing water everywhere!

You can read more of Banjo’s story by clicking on the this link: