Copper (Code: COP)

DoB: 3rd January, 2001

Breed: Quarter Horse

Cost per month: $110

The newest horse to join our herd, Copper came to us after his owners made the saddest but bravest decision to end the suffering of his only herd buddy. Rather than see their special boy live on his own, they asked if he could join our herd. In the short time he has been with us, Copper is becoming a firm favourite with the people who have met him so far. With more “whoa” than “go”, he is a steady, calm horse who loves to be groomed.

Likes: Being scratched under the neck

Dislikes: walking on rocky ground, being asked to go faster than a walk

Best friend: Banjo

Favourite food: Licorice (although we’re still learning about this one)

Fun fact: Copper’s “grandfather” was called Smart Little Lena – his offspring were very talented horses, used in a number of Western riding disciplines and have won over $40 million dollars in prizemoney. He was considered to be such a valuable horse that he was cloned.

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