Steve (Code: STE)

DoB: 9th November, 2002 

Breed: Standardbred

Cost per month: $120

At almost 16hands high, Steve is easily our tallest horse. Born in New Zealand, Steve (racing as He Has Risen) had a moderately successful career as a harness racing horse before retiring and transitioning to firstly a riding horse and then as a “therapy” horse. Despite his tough guy exterior, he has a soft side to him and responds best to gentle, soft touch. He’s often a favourite with the guys who come to our program.

Likes: gentle scratches behind his ears; doing “yoga” stretches and nodding his head to say “yes” before eating his breakfast

Dislikes: sharing his food; summer heat and insects

Best friend: Flynn, Banjo

Favourite food: Licorice, carrots

Fun Fact: Steve has been on a plane

You can read more of Steve’s story by following the link: