Sparky (Code: SPA)

71329365_2674750879242385_9145345606506512384_o44416440_2104288576288621_8935100764024471552_nDoB: 23rd August, 1989

Breed: Thoroughbred/Connemara pony cross

Cost per month: $300

At 30 years of age, Sparky is most definitely the senior statesman of our herd. He is a popular horse with many of our program visitors – largely due to his calm nature – with a number of people saying they feel so peaceful when with him. His is a very patient horse and even lets our visitors give him a cuddle or three…

Likes: Being brushed; going for a gallop with Flynn and playing “bitey-face” (a game often played by our horses where they try to bite the other horse’s face while that horse tries to bite theirs) with Banjo

Dislikes: Worming paste, going on the float

Favourite food: Licorice, carrots, watermelon, ginger nut biscuits, carrot cake

78285775_2784712188246253_340187549014163456_oBest friend: Flynn, Banjo, Charlie and Smokey

Fun fact: Sparky is related to 6 English Derby winners and 2 Melbourne Cup winners


You can read more of Sparky’s story on this link: Sparky