Charlie (Code: CHA)

DoB: Unknown, approximately 1996 -1998

Breed: Appaloosa


Cost per month: $150

Charlie, our little spotted gelding – he is such a gentle, calm

soul and is Anna’s “go to” horse for any first time visitor to Spark of Hope. Charlie is a bit of a loner and can find the rough games that the other horses play too much – happy to watch rather than be involved. He is a sensitive horse who has a habit of “zoning out” and going to his happy place if he feels like he is under too much pressure.

Likes: being brushed and patted – especially by new people and little people

Dislikes: playing rough house horsey games; going on the float; Sparky le71493374_2670413249676148_6700034933198422016_naving him!

Best friend: Sparky, Smokey

Favourite food: Licorice, Lucerne hay, Nutri-grain!

Fun Fact: Despite suffering from arthritis, Charlie is extremely flexible and can put his head between his front legs

You can read more of Charlie’s story on this link: Charlie Bronson